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Illinois auto insurance is required of drivers in the Prairie State. However, not everyone finds it easy to secure IL auto insurance. It takes an investment of time to find the best policy to fit your needs. For those who are considered high risk, it takes even more. Stay up to date on auto insurance options for Illinois residents and review your policy and rates yearly.

Illinois Auto Insurance Requirements

Illinois has a variety of different required car insurance limits. For liability coverage, the minimum required coverage is 20/40/15. This means:

  1. $20,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  2. $40,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident in total
  3. $15,000 property liability coverage per accident

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage is required at the same limits as bodily injury liability limits. If you happen to buy higher than minimum state required amounts of UM coverage, you are also required to buy Underinsured Motorist coverage.

These minimums are pitifully low and would not cover accidents that are serious in nature. For good coverage, you should buy limits that are at least 5 times higher than the minimum state requirements.

Other types of car insurance coverage like personal injury protection, medical payments, towing and labor, rental reimbursement and more are optional. Collision and comprehensive may or may not be optional for you. If your vehicle is financed, the lien holder will require you to carry both types of coverage so he or she is reimbursed in case something happens to your car.

High Risk Illinois Car Insurance Coverage

Many drivers find it very difficult to find Illinois auto insurance because they are classified as high risk drivers by the automobile insurance industry. In order to fall into this category of drivers, one or more of the following situations must apply to you:

  • You have had multiple accidents
  • You have had multiple tickets or other moving violations
  • You have had a DUI (driving under the influence) conviction
  • You have had a period of time with no car insurance
  • You have a poor claims history
  • Your credit score is poor

Even if you fall into one of these categories, there is still hope for getting car insurance in the state of Illinois. There is an assigned risk auto insurance plan called Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan (ILAIP) that all insurers must take part in. This is to ensure that everyone who needs car insurance can get it.

Getting an ILAIP policy will come at a high cost however. So be sure to use it as a last resort. There are other companies that specialize in offering high risk car insurance coverage. Check them out before turning to the state’s last ditch solution. In fact, to even be eligible for ILAIP, you must meet these requirements. You must:

  • Have been turned down for IL car insurance by other insurers
  • Have an IL driver’s license or be able to get one
  • Have no outstanding premiums for car insurance due at any other insurance company
  • Have a safe vehicle to drive.

Illinois Auto Insurance Companies

Some of the top Illinois auto insurance companies offering policies to Illinois residents include:

  1. AIG
  2. The Hartford
  3. Allstate
  4. Liberty Mutual
  5. GEICO
  6. The General
  7. Nationwide
  8. Progressive
  9. Clover
  10. State Farm

Before going with a new insurance company, it is wise to investigate them a little. You can check on their financial stability to be sure they will be around for a while by getting their rating at one of the independent insurance ratings companies. Some of these companies include Weiss Ratings, Moody’s and A.M. Best. Any insurer you consider doing business with should at least carry an A rating.

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Once you have learned all you need to know about Illinois auto insurance, you will need to get quotes so you can narrow down your choices. Using a free online quote tool like the one at the top of this page is the most efficient way to get multiple IL car insurance quotes without spending hours on the phone repeating the same information over and over.

Get your custom Illinois auto insurance quotes now by returning to the box above to get started. It only takes a few moments to get started comparing quotes from multiple agents. Get started saving some money now!

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